Grants to organisations supporting victims’ rights and agency

It is crucial for counter-trafficking efforts to respond to the needs of victims and for policymakers to learn directly from victims of trafficking in persons when formulating laws, policies, and procedures to combat trafficking. 

Non-government, civil society and community organisations provide a range of critical services and referrals to trafficking victims in Southeast Asia, including access safe and appropriate shelter, adequate health and mental health services and free legal aid. In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, the role of these groups in providing frontline services and support to trafficking victims and groups vulnerable to trafficking has become even more essential.  

They have valuable knowledge and experience working directly with trafficked persons which can be harnessed to build an evidence base for policy and practice reform in the counter-trafficking sector. Working in partnership with government, non-government, and civil society, can contribute to the implementation of the ASEAN Convention Against Trafficking in Persons.

About the grants program

In July 2021, we launched a grants program with the purpose of partnering with organisations that directly support and advocate for the rights of victims of trafficking and contribute valuable evidence to inform policy reform.

We are supporting nine international and community-level organisations in our ASEAN target countries, selected based on their approach to counter-trafficking and their experience, expertise and alignment to ASEAN-ACT’s program principles and strategies. 

Our partners are working to identify and support potential victims of trafficking and ‘at risk’ groups vulnerable to trafficking, especially those who have been further disadvantaged by the pandemic. They will be helping to develop the evidence base around trafficking patterns that are under-addressed in Southeast Asia and will inform policy dialogue drawing on their knowledge and experience of working with victims and other vulnerable groups.

Through these partnerships, we seek to build further evidence to inform policy and ensure a better understanding across all stakeholders of the needs and perspectives of victims of trafficking in persons.

Migrant Forum Asia

ASEAN-ACT has selected these partners for funding in this initial phase based on their approach to counter-trafficking and experience, and their alignment with our program principles and strategies. For further information or interest in proposals please contact