ASEAN–Australia Counter Trafficking is a 10-year partnership funded by the Australian Government

The partnership supports ASEAN Member States to implement and report on their obligations under the ASEAN Convention against Trafficking in Persons, Especially Women and Children (ACTIP).

Counter Trafficking


Collaborating with ASEAN Member States to strengthen justice responses to trafficking, while advancing the rights of victims.

Program Overview

  • 10-year program

  • Value
    $A80 Million

  • Donor
    Australian Government

  • ASEAN regional engagement

  • Partner Countries

    Lao PDR

ASEAN-Australia Counter Trafficking

Our three main roles are:

We work with ASEAN regional bodies so that their planning, monitoring and reporting of the ACTIP’s implementation is increasingly effective and advances the protection of victim rights.

We work alongside justice and related agencies as they become increasingly capable of implementing their ACTIP obligations, particularly those that uphold victim rights.

We create opportunities for the policies and practices of justice and related agencies to be influenced by relevant stakeholders and better aligned with ACTIP, especially in connection to victim rights obligations.

Response to COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic is further exacerbating the vulnerabilities of those who are already vulnerable to trafficking in persons. 

Read our interactive policy paper on vulnerability, human-trafficking, and COVID-19.

Visit our Partnership Hub which supports government, private sector and civil society with resources and tools during COVID-19 to continue countering human trafficking.

Webinar Series

Trafficked victims have varying needs for support and assistance, however what is generally common to the victim experience is the desire for some form of justice and restitution.

In the ASEAN region, many trafficking in persons cases are dismissed or result in an acquittal due to the lack of victim testimony.

Our international and regional panel discussed whether alternative modes of presenting victim testimonies can increase chances of conviction.

Stakeholder Directory

ASEAN-ACT maintains a directory of key actors involved in countering trafficking in persons in seven ASEAN member states.

The directory identifies organisations that provide direct support to victim of trafficking and/or work to support marginalised and socially excluded groups vulnerable to trafficking.