ASEAN-ACT’s planned outcomes

Over 10 years, ASEAN-ACT is working toward three outcomes that support implementation of the ASEAN Convention against Trafficking in Persons, Especially Women and Children (ACTIP):

  1. 1 ASEAN’s planning, monitoring and reporting of ACTIP implementation is increasingly effective and advances the protection of victim rights
  2. 2 ASEAN Member State justice and related state agencies are increasingly capable of implementing their ACTIP obligations, in particular those that uphold victim rights
  3. 3 ASEAN Member State justice and related state agencies’ policies and practices are influenced by stakeholders and better aligned with the ACTIP, especially in connection to victim rights obligations

Background to the program

At the ASEAN–Australia Special Summit in March 2018, Australia’s Foreign Minister announced a 10 year, A$80 million commitment to continue Australia’s long-running collaboration with ASEAN to end trafficking in persons in the region.

Officially launched in July 2019, ASEAN-ACT will build on Australia’s 15-year history of supporting ASEAN and its Member States’ justice systems to effectively respond to trafficking in persons.