Trafficking in persons is a complex crime that is difficult to detect and prosecute.

National and regional actions among ASEAN Member States are facilitating greater cooperation in identifying and prosecuting traffickers and protecting the rights of victims.

We are producing a number of insights in different formats, all with the aim of reducing the complexity to actively prevent, minimise and combat.

Our stories page has a range of articles and videos on trafficking-in-persons. We invite you to view these insights and learn from them as we are. 

Visit the Partnership Hub – a web portal to support government, private sector and civil society with resources and tools during COVID-19 to continue countering human trafficking.

We also conduct research and analysis that supports our ASEAN partners in counter-trafficking in persons responses.

Do No Harm guide

This Do No Harm guide has been summarised to support frontline responders working with trafficked persons. The Do No Harm principle requires any individual or organisation coming into direct contact with victims of trafficking including the justice sector, government and non-government service providers, development donor and implementing partners, academia, advocates and researchers, and the media…

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Freedom of movement for persons identified as victims of human trafficking

An analysis of law, policy and practice in the ASEAN Region

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Partnership Hub

ASEAN-ACT partner resource portal includes research, resources and tools to continue counter trafficking work in times of crisis.

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Vulnerability, Human Trafficking & COVID-19

Published: 31 July 2020

Covers the potential impacts that COVID-19 may have on human trafficking, highlights potential government policy responses and examples of good practice.

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