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26 July 2020


One of the priorities identified was the need to provide counselling support to WCPC front liners during and after the crisis. Participants included the Chief of WCPC, Brigadier General Alessandro Abella and other members of the WCPC Advisory Council. They come from different sectors, including academia, media, prosecution and civil society. 

Despite restrictions related to COVID-19, WCPC, in partnership with the Australian Federal Police, has recently found and saved 26 Filipino female child victims of online sexual exploitation. The close collaboration of the two country’s police agencies resulted in the successful prosecution. 

ASEAN-ACT assured partners that during the COVID-19 crisis, the program is continuing to support the growth in skills and capacity required for the successful prosecution of traffickers, identification of victims and protection of victim rights.


Photo Caption: ASEAN-ACT Program Director Archemides Siguan hosted an online roundtable with Philippine National Police-Women and Children Protection Center Advisory Council to assure support to partners’ working on countering trafficking in persons efforts amidst COVID-19 crisis.