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24 September 2022


The Lao Women’s Union centre provide shelter, medical assistance, education, vocational training, economic assistance and reintegration into society for victims. Its mission is to protect and support women and children of all ethnic groups and has a long range Annual National Plan 2021-2025 to continually improve and strengthen its operations.

The Lao Women’s Union ensures equality before the law for victims of trafficking by facilitating their access to legal aid to support them through their interaction with the criminal justice process. Due to the shortages of centres around the country, the Lao Women’s Union supports and assists victims, regardless of their gender.

To learn more about the work of the Lao Women’s Union and how they are making a difference, especially during the pandemic, watch this interview with Mme. Bounleau Chanthaphomma, Director General for Counselling and Protection for Women and Children, Central Lao Women’s Union and Deputy Chairperson of the Secretariat of the National Committee on Anti-TIP (Trafficking in Persons).

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